Canon is a global developer of digital imaging technology. Founded in Japan in 1937, our company has more than 187,000 employees worldwide, and production and marketing offices are located in Japan, North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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Canon has been at the forefront of imaging for the past 80 years. It is a leading provider of digital imaging systems for businesses and consumers. Innovative technology is a critical part of Canon’s corporate philosophy, and we want to change people’s perceptions of image capabilities.

We use our imaging technologies to go beyond the wide range of existing products and develop new areas of business where our imaging technologies can expand the boundaries of what is possible. Such new areas include the development of satellites, advances in medicine, the expansion of printing and industrial equipment, as well as network video cameras, which contributes to the development of technological cities. In addition, Canon’s developments in optics and imaging technologies are contributing to the development of astronomy.

Constantly tackling new challenges, we firmly believe that we can adhere to our Kyosei corporate philosophy, which expresses our desire to see all people, regardless of their nationality, customs, language or race, live and work together for the common good and prosperity. society.

Canon History

The company dates back to 1933 with an optical laboratory that occupied one room on the 3rd floor of the Takekawaya Building in Tokyo. The laboratory was opened jointly by two young people: Esida Goro and his son-in-law Utida Saburo. Its task was to produce high-quality cameras, not worse than the German models, which were at that time the most advanced. The guys studied the mechanisms of existing cameras. The study was sponsored by Mitarai Takeshi, a close friend of Utidi, who later became the company’s president.

In 1934, they managed to create the first Japanese 35-mm camera with a shutter frame. As a believer, Esida named the cell “Kwanon” after the Buddhist bodhisattva of mercy Cannon. An announcement about Kwanon cameras was published in the June issue of Asahi Camera magazine.

One year ago, on June 26, 1935, Utida registered the Canon trademark and logo. Unlike the religious Esidi, he wanted to give the cameras a louder and more modern name. Among the meanings of the English word Canon – canon, standard, and name can be understood as the standard to which the company strives when creating its products.