Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is an American corporation, one of the largest companies in the computer industry. Included in the list of Fortune 1000 (26th place in 2005), the shares were traded on the NASDAQ, since 2013 – a private company. Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

Dell Technologies develops, manufactures, sells and maintains a wide range of models and solutions based on personal computers (desktops, laptops, PDAs), tablets, networking equipment, computer peripherals, monitors, printers, camcorders, projectors), as well as servers and storage systems (ECS, PowerScale, PowerFlex, PowerMax, PowerStore, etc.).

Dell is a team with unique perspectives.

United in a common goal, strategy of culture. The company is driven by ambition and the power of technology that promotes human progress. Steadfast in their commitment to equality, trust and protection. Dell is creating technologies that promote human progress. The company’s history began with faith and passion: everyone should have easy access to the best technology anywhere in the world. This was in 1984 in a dormitory room at the University of Texas at Michael Dell. Today, Dell Technologies plays an important role in changing the digital landscape around the world.

Dell has been one of the world’s leading technology companies, helping to change people’s lives with outstanding capabilities. From hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing and ambitious social and sustainable development initiatives, what the company does affects everyone around the world. Dell Technologies is a pioneer of innovation driving the digital revolution. Together and separately, unique views promote every idea, concept and solution created by the company. By embracing differences and investing in diversity, leaders develop a culture of innovation and integration that enables them to create technologies that are widely available and make significant improvements in everyday life.

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